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Galvanized Plain Sheets (GP)

JSW Steel and Uttam are the largest manufacturer and exporter of Galvanised Steel in India. Galvanised steel is corrosion resistant, eco-friendly, durable, light weight and high in strength. During the process of galvanising, zinc reacts with steel and forms zinc-iron alloy layers. These layers are bonded metallurgically to the base steel, with the relatively pure zinc layer on the outer surface to act as a protective coat. It creates an impervious barrier on the steel, thus preventing it from coming in contact with moisture and preventing corrosion.
To avoid any corrosion and white rust formation and to retain shine and gleam, surface treatment is done using a specially formulated chromating solution.

Uttam caters to a wide range of thicknesses (0.12 mm to 3 mm)

Key Features
Wide thickness range for varied applications
Manufactured in Commercial, Forming, Drawing and Structural grades
Continuous annealing at the Galvanizing Line renders customised hardness
Computer controlled processes ensure perfect zinc coating on the strips which further helps in effective prevention of rust and in lengthening the product life
The sheets are made in different surface finishes, such as bright, dull or matte as per customer requirements. Spangles can be regular or minimum as specified by the buyer.

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